Terms & Conditions

Please note the following Terms and Conditions carefully, as they explain the nature and scope of the relationship between JSW and a Member of the JSW Heroes club programme. The Terms and Conditions given below are intended to protect rights for both JSW and you as Heroes Club Member. Every member is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions for JSW Heroes Club Program


In these terms and conditions, unless the context specifies otherwise:

  1. 'JSW' means JSW Cement Limited
  2. ‘Heroes Club' means the JSW contractor and masons engagement initiative owned, managed and operated by JSW, which will provide benefits, rewards and recognition to select JSW masons/ contractors based on  certain pre-determined performance criteria .
  3. 'Member' means a JSW mason/contractor who is admitted by JSW into the program.
  4. 'JSW mason/ contractor' means an intermediary who purchases cement from JSW on behalf of   customers, builders etc.
  5. ‘Year’ means the period coinciding with JSW’s financial calendar.
  6. ‘Month’ means a calendar month.
  7. ‘Benefit’ means the rewards and facilities that are given to a member under the JSW program based on pre-defined criteria.
  8. ‘Rewards’ are the gifts offered by JSW, from time-to-time at its sole discretion, to members of the JSW program, against redemption of points earned by them.
  9. ‘Helpdesk or Helpline’ means the service center for resolving members’ queries in connection with or related to JSW only.  
  10.  ‘Influencer ID’ means unique mason/ contractor  ID for the JSW Heroes Club Program
  11. ‘Service Partners’ shall mean the implementation agency and other in-house or contract service providers.
  12. ‘Program’ shall mean the JSW heroes club program.
  13. ‘On-going Program’ means the program validity shall continue as long as it is not expressly terminated by JSW. It is a long-term initiative by JSW.

Eligibility and Membership:

Conditions for Use:

  1. Member status and benefits of the JSW program are offered at the sole discretion of JSW.
  2. The member permits and authorizes JSW and its service partners to use their data for administrative, communication, research and marketing purposes.
  3. Only masons/contractors with valid mason / contractors ID shall be eligible for membership
  4. Any personal details and data acquired from your participation in shall be used only in accordance with the JSW Privacy Policy


Rewards and Benefits:

  1. All members who are enrolled into the JSW Heroes Club program by JSW are entitled to earn points which can be redeemed for rewards that will be sent to the members in accordance with the Terms and Conditions specified.
  2. All rewards-related communication will be mailed to the mailing address as specified in the enrolment form.
  3. Points issued in the JSW Heroes Club Program  have no monetary value and cannot be sold or transferred by members in any manner at any point of time or be redeemed for cash. These points may only be exchanged for rewards on offer under the prevalent schemes.
  4. The points earned by members are valid till members are masons/contractor of JSW. In case a membership expires or is terminated, the member will be given a chance to redeem all unexpired points in the following redemption window, after which the points will lapse/expire. JSW’s decision in this regard shall be final and conclusive.
  5. No purchase/sale/transfer of points or benefits is permitted. The member can only earn points as per the conditions specified in the program
  6. Rewards and benefits shall be delivered to member address only and not to any other address.
  7. No cash top-up or cash reimbursement for points or benefits will be given at any time.
  8. All members will, on a monthly basis, receive a statement containing the points earned/accrued.
  9. In case of death of a member, benefits will not accrue to any other family member.
  10. Selection of rewards and benefits is and will be at the sole discretion of JSW. They are liable to change without notice.
  11. JSW holds out no warranty and makes no representation (whether expressed or implied) about the goods and/or services manufactured/supplied by third parties that are offered as benefits to members of the program particularly with regard to their quality or suitability for any purpose. JSW shall not be liable if the said goods/services are defective/deficient in any manner. Complaints in this regard shall have to be addressed to the concerned third parties from whom the goods or services originate as benefits/rewards under the program.
  12. JSW cannot accept responsibility for any delays in delivery of rewards or benefits.
  13. JSW will not be responsible for rewards or benefits that are stolen, damaged or lost in transit before delivery to the member.
  14. All rewards and benefits offered by JSW are on a best-effort basis. In case a member is not offered a particular reward or benefit or if JSW does not make a particular reward or benefit available, JSW will not be liable to compensate in any way.


  1. JSW reserves the right to withhold rewards and benefits or terminate the membership of a member if such member breaches the Terms and Conditions of this program. Upon such termination, all benefits standing to the credit of the member shall be lost without the member being entitled for any compensation thereof and the member shall be barred from future membership.
  2. JSW reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change the Terms and Conditions.
  3. The program and any rewards or benefits there under, offering or the like relating to the program shall not constitute or be deemed to constitute a contract or otherwise establish a contractual relationship between JSW and any member.
  4. Members shall be responsible for their own awareness and updating themselves with the program rules and their entitlements and eligibilities.
  5. All communication and benefits shall be sent by mail or handed over to members at the address mentioned in the Enrolment Form. JSW and/or its service partners shall not be liable for the failure of any communication to reach the member, it shall be the responsibility for the member to inform JSW about any change in address and JSW bears no responsibility for communication lost or not received.

The Terms and Conditions given herein will be final and binding. Additionally, for all intents and purposes, the Terms and Conditions in English will be final and binding and will prevail over the Terms and Conditions in any other language.